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Hanna Phillips

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Hanna has spent her career focused on building and developing people and teams. In her current work, with The Google School for Leaders, in addition to Executive Coaching, she manages workshops focused on helping Google’s most senior executives develop better self awareness, understand how they’re perceived by others and gain clarity on how we adults evolve. Hanna believes this awareness can allow us to become more choiceful about how we show up and that simple shift can alter our success and how we experience our world. Beyond Google, Hanna also runs her own business,, to bring the power of executive coaching and management training to leaders outside of Google’s walls. Prior to Google, she spent time with The Boston Consulting Group and Booz&Co aligning people with their purpose and helping them achieve it.

She is passionate about empowering leaders and teams with the tools they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. According to Hanna, sometimes all we need is a mirror and an objective guide to help us grow into our bigger selves. Hanna is a master at creating a thinking environment that enables others to cultivate their best ideas, break down their mental blocks, and build the life they’ve always wanted. Most importantly, through your work with Hanna, you will learn life’s most empowering skill — to think for yourself.

She studied psychology, served as a counselor for a mental health hotline, is a certified executive coach via The Hudson Institute, and an experienced facilitator having conducted workshops for hundreds of executives throughout her career.

On a personal level, Hanna grew up in a small farm town in the Southern Appalachia region of Ohio, bordering Kentucky, where her entire family still resides. Her family began their lives on top of a hill called Peach Mountain where they lived in a cabin built by her father, raised chickens, grew their own food, started a cedar woodworking business out of their backyard and spent a lot of time riding four wheelers and exploring the outdoors. Since then Hanna has followed her explorer spirit, spending time living in Chicago, San Francisco, New York City and currently Manhattan Beach with her husband, golden retriever and daughter, James. Although she feels most at peace near an ocean, a piece of her heart will always be in the country. She loves to hike, cook, surf and swim in the ocean and she tries to spend as much time in nature as possible


Credentials include: Executive coach through the Hudson Institute, International Coach Federation PCC level coach (500+ hours of paid coaching), Immunity to Change facilitator, Crucial Conversations facilitator, DiSC trainer, ACE Coach Accelerator Enhanced Practitioner, The Leadership Consortium via Harvard Business School.

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