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Foundations of a High Performing Team 

Manager Training for Today’s World

The Foundations of High Performing Teams program was developed by Hanna Phillips and rooted in a 3-year research study done at Google on the key ingredients that consistently make up the highest-performing teams and are lacking in the lowest-performing teams. The result: psychological safety, dependability, structure & clarity, meaning, impact. 

  • Admitting mistakes that end up being far more costly if hidden and allows others to learn by example. 

  • Sharing feedback in an authentic way that leads to stronger performance and more alignment between employee behaviors and expectations. 

  • Asking for help instead of spinning/ floundering silently.

  • Taking risks that result in more creative thinking and innovative ideas.

  • Greater trust in leadership.

  • Greater accountability in performing tasks on time and up to company standard.

  • Ability to draw the connection between daily tasks and impact on the broader company and world at large, leading to more fulfillment.

  • Employees derive meaning from their jobs and in turn, are more committed to strong performance. 

  • Clear team roles, goals, and responsibilities. 
    Stronger collaboration, greater job satisfaction, and more trust in leadership. 

This program equips managers with the capacity to create a culture amongst their teams where people feel psychologically safe to engage in vulnerability-based trust and conflict that support managers and their people in:


  • Psychological Safety 

  • Dependability 

  • Structure & Clarity 

  • Meaning

  • Impact


57% of employees leave a job because of their manager. Attrition is costly, uses company resources, and hinders progress. Equipping managers with the knowledge and tools to establish a culture of psychological safety is the key differentiator for successful teams. This program is designed to drive significant impact in the following areas:

  • Performance and bottom line results, i.e. team revenue, output, overall effectiveness 

  • Alignment between desired behavior and incentive structure

  • Job satisfaction for employees

  • Confident & well-equipped managers 

  • Company culture rooted in Psychological Safety: more creativity, risk-taking, open feedback, asking for help, admitting mistakes in service of others' learning. 


Per person cost dependent on the format and client needs.


This program is based on data and research conducted over a 3 year period that gives scientifically significant results of what the commonalities are amongst the highest vs lowest-performing teams and how to integrate in your organization. To ensure maximum implementation within the organization, we can use several metrics-based assessments (either ours or the companies) that complement the program content and are tied to manager evaluation. 

  • Customized program content that aligns with the company's expectations of managers as well as company values. 

  • Pre-post program assessment on the 5 buckets of high performing teams (psych safety, dependability, structure & clarity, meaning, & impact).

  • Option to use companies current manager evaluation tool

Package Options
Below are a few options for format but all is customizable to client needs 

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John Geary

Co-Founder of Abodu

Our entire executive team sat down for a day-long training session with Hanna on a Tuesday, and the leadership results were already noticeable on Wednesday. Hanna has a way of connecting with leaders, regardless of tenure or experience level that allows them to introspect on areas for personal growth and areas of personal strength. Our leaders are implementing Hanna's principles everyday and our business is better for it.

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Lead Facilitator, Hanna Phillips

In her 8 years at Google, Hanna got experience as an executive coach, leadership practitioner, content designer, program lead, and researcher. She worked for The Google School for Leaders where she designed and rolled out programs focused on transformational human change through experiential learning vs tactical instruction. Through this work, she developed an interest in the inner workings behind what makes some teams so much more effective than others. In this quest to manufacture teams for optimal performance and output, she uncovered the true characteristics of highly effective leaders and team dynamics (and they were much different than anticipated!!). Hanna spent years developing a program that not only educates companies and their managers on these characteristics but also helps them integrate them in a way that works with their company structure, values, and evaluation systems for long-term success. Hanna also runs her own private coaching and facilitation business,, where she has worked with countless managers and leaders to grow into their bigger, more effective selves. 


Hanna’s credentials include: Executive coach through the Hudson Institute, ICF PCC level coach, Immunity to Change facilitator, Crucial Conversations facilitator, DiSC trainer, ACE Coach Accelerator Enhanced Practitioner, The Leadership Consortium via Harvard Business School

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